Quality Policy

The hearts find rest in Allah’s remembrance! The macro strategy of Yekta Sanat is developed and followed in the form of quality policy. Yekta Sanat machinery, the designer and manufacturer of stone cutting machines, publishes its quality policy as follows:
• Reliance on God and work ethic in every circumstance
• Manufacturing safe and secure stone cutting machines
• Creating brand loyalty and making efforts to develop stone industry
• Improving the quality, safety, durability, and beauty of products
• Improving and standardizing organization processes
The above-mentioned macro goals are followed in certain intervals in the form of micro goals and the effectiveness of the quality management system is evaluated and revised regularly. The management of Yekta Sanat declares its commitment to following each clause and attempts to continue and improve this movement.

Contact Info

  • Address: End of 22 St., Mahmoud Abad Industrial Estate, Isfahan
  • Phone Number: +9831-33801727, +9831-33801728
  • Mobile Phone Number: +98-9131121658 (Ghaffari) – +98-9132132374 (Dehghani)
  • E-mailAddress: