Industrial Machinery

Maintenance of industrial equipment is one of the main operations of manufacturing factories. Unfortunately, traditional stone cutting pays little attention to this issue which has led to significant hidden damages... For a manager, nothing is more unpleasant than when the production line stops for any reason. In industrial plants, machinery and equipment depreciation is something inevitable. This has caused the repair and maintenance of machinery to receive attention. Operations such as regular inspecting and cleaning of machines, on-time lubricating and greasing, repairing small defects, replacing worn belts, bearings, and parts during machine sleep time can significantly enhance the financial and production efficiency of industrial enterprises.

In general, the main purpose of designing a plan for industrial machinery maintenance is as follows.

1. Reducing general and repeat repairs.
2. Preventing the development of defects.
3. Reducing spare parts consumption and cutting the related costs.
4. Savings manpower due to maintenance operation reduction
5. Increasing production efficiency and reducing production costs.
6. Reducing production stops and preventing damages caused by interruptions.
7. Repairing minor flaws before the need for general repair.
8. Prolonging machinery life and saving money for buying new machines.
9. Avoiding interruptions in production operations by replacing worn parts before break and disabling the machine.

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