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Yekta Sanat

Yekta Sanat machinery, the designer and manufacturer of stone cutting machines, was established in 1380 by Mr. Dehghani and Mr. Ghaffari. This complex is located at Mahmoud Abad Industrial Estate of Isfahan, Iran’s stone pole, in an indoor area of 6000 square meters equipped with modern manufacturing machinery. With its quality-oriented approach, expert staff, and modern technology, Yekta Sanat has managed to have an important role in the development of domestic stone cutting machinery and is considered as a leading machine manufacturer in Iran's stone industry. Yekta Sanat believes that high-quality machines are the inalienable right of customers.Therefore, this company considers customer satisfaction as its top priority and has equipped its machines with digital technology in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Yekta Sanat

Yekta Sanat works in the field of designing and manufacturing stone cutting machinery.




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  • Address: End of 22 St., Mahmoud Abad Industrial Estate, Isfahan
  • Phone Number: +9831-33801727, +9831-33801728
  • Mobile Phone Number: +98-9131121658 (Ghaffari) – +98-9132132374 (Dehghani)
  • E-mailAddress: